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Hardware Support

We have a number of hardware products designed to work well with GlobalCue. In most cases you'll need to download the i2Bridge software and run it on a PC somewhere on your local network.

CueEther Receiver

The CueEther Receiver allows you to use GlobalCue to control a computer via a USB port. A single copy of i2Bridge can link multiple CueEther Receivers to different sessions and/or presenters.

CueEther Wired Receiver

The Wired Receiver links GlobalCue to a MasterCue V5 or V6 - so you get all the power of a MasterCue plus the benefits of remote cueing.

CueEther Sender

Not directly linked to GlobalCue system, the CueEther Sender allows you to send cues over a network from a MasterCue to another CueEther receiver.


With the latest firmware installed, Microcue3 can connect to directly to the computer running i2Bridge (using USB port 1 on the Microcue). Simply teach MicroCue each presenter's "virtual" handset in exactly the same way you would with a normal wireless handset.

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