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Hardware Support

We have a number of hardware products designed to work well with GlobalCue. In most cases you'll need to download the i2Bridge software and run it on a PC somewhere on your local network.

CueEther Receiver

The CueEther Receiver allows you to use GlobalCue to control a computer via a USB port. A single copy of i2Bridge can link multiple CueEther Receivers to different sessions and/or presenters.

CueEther Wired Receiver

The Wired Receiver links GlobalCue to a MasterCue V5 or V6 - so you get all the power of a MasterCue plus the benefits of remote cueing. The Wired receiver does not have DIP switches to assign to channels like the standard receiver does, so if you have more than on the same network they will all cue at the same time.

CueEther Sender

Not directly linked to GlobalCue system, the CueEther Sender allows you to send cues over a network from a MasterCue V5 and V6 to another CueEther receiver.


With the latest firmware installed, Microcue3 can connect to directly to the computer running i2Bridge (using USB port 1 on the Microcue). Simply teach MicroCue each presenter's "virtual" handset in exactly the same way you would with a normal wireless handset.

MasterCue V7

Our flagship MasterCue V7 can connect directly to GlobalCue using its built-in Ethernet connection - without any additional hardware or software. Simply teach MasterCue each presenter's "virtual" handset in exactly the same way you would with a normal wireless handset, then enter the MasterCue's Bridge Id on your GlobalCue session page.

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