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What's new in GlobalCue

Some recent improvements...

  • Sessions are now listed in alphabetical order by name
  • We now have an API so that you can control GlobalCue from external applications (for example, Companion)
  • If you're using CueEther, you can now send a presenter's cues to a specific IP address
  • You can now group sessions into "Events", to make them easier to share
  • Session storage extended to 60 days after last activity
  • Now available in Italian! (Grazie Agmultivision!)
  • Support for as many i2Bridges connected to one session as you want. Why not get a dozen CueEtherRx...?
  • Support for a second i2Bridge connected to one session.
  • The "Beta" marker has gone!
  • Support for the new CueEther product, for direct computer control. See here for more information.
  • You can now hide the "Back" button with an option on the session control page
  • Added an optional 'click' on the presenter's handset
  • The presenter's handset now responds to key presses (left and right arrows)
  • You can now delete presenters
  • New "Show Running" view shows compact view of all presenters
  • Individual presenters can be paused or muted
  • Technician display includes live indication that presenter is connected
  • Multiple tones for presenters, similar to the MasterCue
  • Name changed to GlobalCue to avoid confusion with another product (any old links will still work)
  • Mobiles should not go to sleep while the handset is displayed (Please let us know if this is still a problem)
  • The "Technician's Popup" is now a popup window: smaller, with less visual clutter
  • Heartbeat to show that the Presenter's handset is alive and connected to GlobalCue
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