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Privacy and Data Protection


GlobalCue is a hosted service, which stores data on servers in a UK data centre. It stores a small amount of information, some of which might be "personal data", depending on how you use the service.

Session Owner ID

The first time you create a session on GlobalCue, an anonymous unique ID is generated and stored in your browser. This is to enable you to find your sessions next time you visit GlobalCue. There is no personal information associated with this ID. Unique IDs are not stored in a presenter's browser.

Session and Presenter Names

GlobalCue stores the session and presenter names that you enter on the session control page. If you want to avoid the storage of personal information in these fields, please choose your session and presenter names accordingly.

Diagnostics Logs

To facilitate the management of the GlobalCue systems, diagnostic logs are maintained on our servers. These may contain the IP addresses of users and the contents of the session and presenter name fields. These logs are retained for a period of 60 days after which they're automatically deleted.

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